Re: Greenland Style Paddl

Posted by Mac on Sep 5, 2005

Just back from 3 days of intensive trials as a new GP maker/owner. My Euro is a Bending Branches 240cm Evening - which I love. My GP is a 90 inch piece of clear cedar - which I now REALLY LOVE.

It took some research as suggested by Tony, Kurt and the boys here on the forum. Once I had the forward-tilted blade entry thing down, the wobble went away and me and my 19 foot yak flew. (Well, we went as fast as with the BB anyway).

If you keep a steady rhythm (a bit faster than with a Euro) your hands will stay dry, as the drips don't get a chance to run all the way down to the loom - just don't double paddle on one side or hesitate. Spray skirt is a must - no drip rings.

After three days of GP, I found myself forward angling my Euro a bit - and guess what? It also bites better!

These things are really fun, and I'm so glad I made it.

Now for #2.


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