Re: pax 20 deck

Posted by CLC on Sep 5, 2005

>>>>>>>I am ready to assemble my deck my deck came in 8 pieces contrary to the assembly manual's 4.


They've always been in eight pieces. (The drawing on Page 5 and the text at the bottom of Page 15 remark on deck assembly.)

>>>I am wondering about the scarf joints and whether or not I will have trouble installing the deck after the joints dry.


Definitely glue up the deck scarfs first, then clean them up and glue the decks to the kingplank. Be careful to keep the inner edge of the decks straight as you glue the scarfs.

The scarfs WON'T crack when the deck is installed. There's no bend at the stern and not very much at the scarf location in the bow. The nice thing about scarfs is that they generally have the same bending characteristics as the surrounding wood.

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