Re: Greenland Style Paddl

Posted by Bert on Sep 5, 2005

Advantages are: Unfeathered blades are symetrical. Both sides of blade are a power face. Low windage. Less swing weight. Less stress on shoulders and arms. Can be used at a low angle just dipping half the blade in the water or high angle vertical stroke with all the blade in the water. Constant indexing because the paddler is gripping the blade at all times. Can be held anywhere for an extended grip. Less tendency to dive. Simplicity for rolling and skulling. More bouyancy. Low cost and a custom fit if you make your own. Attractive,can be plain and simple or fancy and laminated with hardwood or epoxy tips,artwork etc.

Make one and give it an honest try,you may just like it. Bert

In Response to: Re: Greenland Style Paddl by Kurt Maurer on Sep 5, 2005