Re: Question about epoxy

Posted by Adawg on Sep 4, 2005

I recently put a roof on a fishing boat where we used several batches of epoxy over the course of the afternoon. We had some old goop and some old. The old was a deep rich purple and when it cured it is easy to see the lines where we used that purple-er batch versus the newer stuff. A couple thinkgs to consider though: first off the above posted advise is good, check with the supplier and do a test batch. Im sure you wont have any trouble performance-wise (ie it should harden no problem), but I'd suggest spreading a thin film on some scrap to see what it looks like when it cures. Second, on the cabintop we were wetting out VERY thick chopped fiber cloth so it is possible that with a very thin layer you wont see any difference. Lastly, and I don't know if this equates to anything or not, we were using West System which can tend to be a bit more finicky MAS. Again, your supplier should know more. good luck :)

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