Senior Citizen Boatbulder

Posted by V.M. Parrett, M.D. on Sep 3, 2005

Age 82 wooden (hobby) builder since 1939 but with attaining "octegenarian" status found a way to build lighter craft which I can cartop/ load & handle. Wooden Boat (1994) published plans for talented Joel White's (Shellback)I built it aircraft composite for lightness so a "senior" could build and handle it. Instead of plywood planks I laid (on my garage floor)"planks" of 9 MM Klegecel/ unidirectional aircraft/f'glass-epoxy "planks" then assembled on a male form (same as for plywood constructed Shellback). Hull wt. cartopped w/o rudder, sail rig, daggerboard & rudder is 60# and it sails and rows well. Have cartopped to Fl, B.C. Canada, and WA waters.

Don't let age end your boatbuilding! V.Parrett, M.D.