Posted by Adawg on Sep 3, 2005

Hello everyone! I have reached the point of sanding on my lt17 and I had a couple concerns. It seems in order to get all the dark (low) spots out, I have had to sand into the glass a tad in the region surrounding the low spot. The crosshatching of the fiber is just beginning to show, making me think perhaps I should apply more epoxy. Problem as I see it is, to feather in the edge of the new epoxy layer I will be needing to sand the surrounding area again, leading me back to my original problem of exposed glass. Does anyone have any trick to this? In working on wooden boats in the past I have made my own "git-Rot" solution from mixed epoxy and acetone, which essentially creates a thinned epoxy capable of soaking into wood fiber. Would something like this be appropriate for thinly wetting out the exposed glass? Oh yeah, I plan on finishing the boat with varnish.

thanks for any advice you all have and enjoy your labor day weekends! -A