Re: Rolling Kayaks

Posted by Mike on Sep 2, 2005

Some kayaks are easier to roll than others. A low aft deck makes it easier to do layback rolls, but they are not too difficult in higher decked kayaks if your technique and fit are good. The most important thing is your technique. But in technique, I include both physical and mental issues. If you know how, and have trained you body and mind right, you can roll most kayaks. Fit in a kayak is more important than kayak shape. I like a kayak to fit me tight enough that I dont just fall out when upside down, but loose enough for some movement side to side and front to back.

I would prefer to learn in a low-aft-decked snug fitting kayak, but it can be done in loose-fitting deep recreational kayaks.

A Mill Creek would be tough without modifying the cockpit for better bracing.

My ultra-low volume Greenland qajaq rolls easily, but can hang you up trying to get under it. If you break the roll up into 4 quarters, the second quarter is the hardest in this kayak. Using an uninflated inflatable pfd helps, with a standard pfd, it is very hard to get under this kayak.

I have another kayak with a very boxy shape with lots of stability, and if you get the first 3/4 of the roll, it almost comes up by itself

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