Re: flyfishing from a che

Posted by Gert Walter on Sep 1, 2005

I don't fly fish from my Chessie 16 or 17, but it is rigged up for fishing. Kurt's system looks great, but more elaborate than mine, since I don't need to go out to far to catch striped bass and blues. The kayaks handle great, and tipping isn't an issue. 28" is the biggest I've caught on the kayak. The one thing I haven't quite figured out yet is how to keep fishing with a big fish on the stringer. They get quite lively and aggitated, and keep diving under the boat. Bigger fish can rock the kayak quite a bit. Also the first isn't nessarily cooperative when bringing in the second, and they can tangle. I personally don't bring a net, since it usually gets in the way, and striped bass are easily lipped. Bluefish and fluke aren't, but a set of pliers or hemostats and a firm grip get them unhooked. G Walter

In Response to: flyfishing from a chesie by James Eager on Aug 29, 2005