Re: CLC 18 Plans

Posted by Dave S on Aug 31, 2005

Not sure about the 18, but the plans for me Mill Creek include the following #1-Large Bound instructionbook for putting the boat together #2-One set of full size patterns for the parts to be cut out. #3-Six pages of blueprints containing the Body Plan and construction details. A table of offsets for the planking, full size template sheets for the hatches, hatch doublers, hatch rims, seat, coaming ends, templates for the ends of the bilge planks and sheer planks, A sail plan and plans for the leeboard and the attachent details of same.

I'm sure I missed something, but all in all, very comprehensive. and easy to follow.

A quick call or e-mail to CLC will confirm the details of your chosen design.

Good luck Dave

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