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Posted by Mark Camp on Aug 31, 2005

If canoes could talk, the red canoe could probably tell a story.

Anyway, I've been in the Bayou LaBatre area and there are a lot of small wooden vessels in horrible condition moored in the bayous. That must be true across a wide swath of the worst-hit area.

It got me thinking, how could we help? These are my assumptions (someone from the area may be able to confirm or deny these): (a) These boats were for shrimping and fishing. (b) Most of their owners are quite poor and some of the boats were of more than recreational importance to their households. (c) A lot of them are now gone and need replacing. (d) There is a drawing somewhere of a suitable replacement vessel. (e) If we were organized into a build team, we could divide up the build of that design into quickly buildable subcomponents. (f) Cheap construction materials, plus some epoxy, would keep the cost of each subcomponent down to where the person assigned to build it could buy them without hardship if middle-income or up. (g) The CLC forum would be ideal for technical collaboration during the build.

That's as far as I got in my thinking. Delivery and final assembly I couldn't figure out.

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