Re: Another Snap

Posted by Karl on Aug 31, 2005

This conjures up some sobering thoughts. I live in New England, and while we have our share of storms, I have never had to paddle down my street. Every winter I whine and complain about having to spend quality time with my snowblower and shovel. I think about how nice it would be to live where the temperatures are warmer all year long. I have never been displaced from my home due to weather conditions. I have never sat in a temporary shelter wondering if my house will still be there when I get back.

My hat is off to Raul for a couple of reasons. One, because he's done a great job with the boat so far. Nice work! Two, because in a situation that is obviously terrible, he's smiling and making the best of it.

I only hope that when the situation has all been settled through the Louisianna, and Mississippi, areas, that people will be eventually able to get smiles back on their faces, move on and rebuild.

By the way, if anyone living anywhere near these areas knows of any convenient websites or contact numbers for relief aid etc. could you post them or even email me directly? I know it would be off topic, but I'm guessing that the crew at CLC wouldn't mind a quick informational posting.

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