So many colors....

Posted by kat on Aug 30, 2005

I'm getting close enough to done on my ch17 that I'm thinking about how to finish it. I've pretty much settled on a painted hull and varnished deck, but I can't decide on a color for the hull. I started out with blue, light blue, then went to teal and the entire spectrum of greens. Now I'm leaning away from the bright colors towards something darker like mahogany that I think would look nice with the lighter, wood grained deck. I've looked at every photo online that I can find to try and find the "right" color, but I still can't decide. I am posting an appeal for you all to email photos of your painted hulls/varnished decks to help me decide.

BTW, I've been using the Epifanes Yacht Enamal color chart as my choices. Anyone use this product and did you like it?