Re: Show pics!

Posted by Mac on Aug 29, 2005

Karl and Raul - re pictures - as always, I'm digitally inept, challenged and bereft. (Trust me, it looks just like Kurt's - I wish). As for inspiring procrastinators - "Get Off Yer Lazy Tush, Sharpen That Plane, and GET BUSY!" How's that? Too harsh? Sorry... I'm Canadian - can't do it...

Thank's everyone for the encouragement and the site suggestions. Shoulda thunk of that myself.

Kurt, my paddle's shape is very much as you describe, so it ain't the paddle that's wobblin' it's the paddler. (Gee big surprise!)

From your diagram and Tony's advice, the first thing I'll try is the forward dig.

Can't wait to get back to the lake this long weekend comming to try it out again.

I know we're not supposed to put anything but oil on these - but it's cedar and SOFT! Any suggestions?

Thanks again...


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