Re: Drain plug - pram bil

Posted by Dave S on Aug 29, 2005

Most small boats have drains of some sort in them with the exception of yaks and canoes. I would put in a drain in the transom. The small brass tubes that have an adjustable, cammed rubber stopper in tem don't leak and the hole in the transom can be well sealed and flexing would not be a problem. If the drain was placed in the lowest part of the transom, then the boat would not accumulate any more water that the amount of rocker in the bottom would allow. After the storm, just raise the bow a few inches and allos the two inches in the bottom to drain.

You cpold also get a Garboard Drain From Jamestown Distributors and install it in the lowest part of the bottom. The drain would not flex since they are bronze. If you wanted something that flexed with the hull, plastic ones are available also.



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