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Posted by Dave S on Aug 28, 2005

yep...I agree. I'm gonna give it a shot and see what happens. Worst case scenario is that I'll get to smear 50 bucks worth of epoxy on some free plywood. I have a friend who is in the flooring biz and he brings home full sheets of the stuff leftover and and already paid for from from jobs. It would othersise go in the dumpster....yep...the dumpster. And this stuff is put together with marine grade phenolic resin. We'll see what happens,. I've used luan and this is a notch or three above it. No splinters when edge planed and no voids....none the pieces I've cut. I have found voids in luan.

I think they poo-pooed Dynamite Payson, Glen L. Witt and those folks when they first suggtested that you could build boats out of construction grade materials, provided the materials were adequately protected/

I'll Quote one of the great classic designers , Fenwick C. Williams. Williams designed a number of famous boats while he was nearly blind. One of the most famous, Mary M., a 24 foot cruising yawl, was designed in 1933 and is still afloat, I believe and has been pictured a number of times in Wooden Boat Magazine. Williams said,"All respect is due to those like the late L. Francis Herreshoff who believe that only the best is good enough, since for one reason or another it will far outlast the poorer products...Yet I presume this is fairly cold comfort for those for whom the initial outlay is is quite beyond their means...."

Now a few sheets of mahogany ply is not beyond my means, but, if i can build three for the price of one...why not?

Now for the next question.....Laser levels as opposed to*

Thanks for the input Dave

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