Re: plywood question

Posted by Dave S on Aug 28, 2005

Woodie-Sth stuff seems sufficiently springy to do what I want to do with it.

Kurt-I ahve some concerns about the responsses I got over at teh Wooden Boat Building / Repair Forum.;f=1;t=012222

Realizing that some there are wood snobs, i still have concerns about some of the points they bring up. I pay no heed to the "Scores and snaps with a knife " quote cause i've tried this and it doesn't. You ahve to cut it all the way through or it splinters like any thin ply would.

Not really sure about the underwater use quote as i believe that any unprotected wood would delaminate under water if unprotected.

Thanks for the responses Dave

In Response to: Re: plywood question by Kurt Maurer on Aug 27, 2005