Re: How light is light?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 27, 2005

It really depends on how light a touch you possess, and it varies wildly from person to person. For instance, my grandfather could float a sewing needle in a glass of water; but when my father tried it, he spilled the water, broke the glass, and fell off his chair. The ol' genes evidently skipped a generation, because I have restored the family name back to the forefront of the floating-the-needle business.

A good way to find the level your own manual delicacy, or lack thereof, is to fire up the ol' ROS with whatever paper is on it, and start sanding. If you see you're getting into the glass, stop, and rearm with finer grit sandpaper or switch to hand sanding, depending on how big a hole you made in how short a time.

Cheers, Kurt Maurer

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