Paging John Caldeira...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 26, 2005

Joey, I don't know San Antone from a paddler's standpoint, but I'm sure we can come up with something. Like the River Walk. Imagine darting in and out of all those tourist barges in our kayaks! (Never mind the grammar, or lack thereof; the tourist barges will NOT be IN our yaks.)

The Dallas/Ft Worth Paddlers are coming to Galveston sometime in October, but I forget the exact weekend... hope it ain't a conflict. If it is, you might have to steel yourself to a four-hour drive and $2.55+ gas since John Caldeira is part of that gang. I mean, if you want to see wooden yaks, you simply do not want to miss his. He's a really decent guy, too, not like me at all.

Gober, I have to agree with Dave Houser... But watch out for them hurry-canes while yer out there sufferin', y' hear?

And Charlie, you lissenin' to all this? It's gonna be a long drive for you one way or another from Port Lavaca, Home Of The Fighting Sand Crabs (it's true, folks... it's even emblazoned on the water tower!), but hey, life is tough sometimes.

Oh hell... HA HA HA!!! (guffaw, wheeze, snort) Charlie, were YOU ever a Fighting Sand Crab???? Oh God, I'm dyin'... LOLOL

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: Jay E Morris Too? by J.Schott on Aug 26, 2005