Jay E Morris Too?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 26, 2005

Hey Joey... y' gonna try bein' a Texan for a few days, eh? Cool, can't pick a better place to get yer boots shined than ol' San Antone (it's where I go to get my flip-flops shined).

I'm about four hours driving time away, but you can easily get here in six by Southwest Airlines. Flying is probably cheaper, with the price of gas these daze.. at least, until the trickle-down thing kicks in and the tide rolls in on us.

It ain't out the realm of possibility that a few of us get together near San Antone when you come in. It would be great fun to get Jay E Morris involved, for instance, he lives there. Heck, if I could swing it, I could load enough yaks for everyone, and we could have us a Mini-Texas Kayak Bash right then and there!

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Calling Kurt Maurer! by J.Schott on Aug 25, 2005