Re: wood inlays on deck

Posted by J.Schott on Aug 25, 2005

It really depends on how big your design is. Smaller designs can be glued down with contact cement. Placement of designs could be tricky if installed on the deck before it is put on the boat. There is a lot going on during a deck install without the added pressure of alignment or placement of the designs. My advice would be to install the deck and precoat it with epoxy. That way any mistakes with glue can be easily cleaned. It also keeps the glue from being absorbed into the wood (deck) so it can make a good bond. I have done both small and (very) large onlays. The small ones were very easy to do with contact cement. The large one was a whole different story. Before you add cloth to the deck, brush on some epoxy and sand it to soften the transition from the onlay to the deck. Once the cloth is put on it will feel smooth and people will swear that they are true inlays.-Joey

Photos from "Schott Skunkworks"

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