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Posted by Chris Taylor on Aug 24, 2005

Tom, I think you must have provided a link to your site on this forum many moons ago while I was building my CH16. I've gone back every 6 months or so for more than a year or so.

On our trip to Paradis Marin, we were not "tripping". We were just taking day trips in unloaded boats from the campground there. Our main objective was to cruse with the whales (which you could hear breathing next to your tent all night too). Extended trips down the Saguenay River fiord and along the Gulf's north shore past Paradis Marin to Les Esquimin (sp)can be done and I understand it is spectacular. The Saguenay is fresh water and I would not think there would be a problem collecting water from streams entering the Gulf (assuming proper sterilization of course). The trick in this area is to work with the tides and beware of very strong currents and waves associated with them (especially near the mouth of the fiord). Weather (cold, fog and sudden storms and rough seas) and very cold water must be respected. The gulf shores are rocky with few sheltering islands and this could pose a problem if you need to make land quickly. You already know about this sort of thing from Superior and GB, but just so you know. We were lucky and had relatively calm seas and clear weather. As for GB, I am considering the Kilarney to French River area, but also further south in the 10K islands. I plan to study some related books and websites over our cold Canadian winter (when not out on the ski trails). Drop me a line at and I will share some whale pics with you. Some day I'll create a site too, but can't be bothered at the moment.

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