Re: Tom, Better Rethink..

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 24, 2005

Tom sez: "Oh, but I do camp in safe places. Why do you think I avoid cities?"

I reply: LMAO!!!!!!

Then he has the nerve to say: "Heck, didn't WalMart come from down there?"

I seethe: Boy, you better load up that fancy six-shooter of yers and be out in the street at the count o' three, or ah'm-a come gunnin' fer you...

But seriously... Arkansas produced Wal-Mart and Bill Clinton. Arkansas is trouble, always has been. Abraham Lincoln said that "not in the trial of a thousand years" would an outside invader knock us off (the USA, that is); that if we are ever to be undone, that the calamity will come from within. He was referring to Arkansas.

Don't never be fooled by Arkansas's beauty and erstwhile innocence as one of the more unspoiled spots on Earth, and certainly in this country... it is obviously out to take over the galaxy.

Cheers, Kurt

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