Re: Tom, Better Rethink..

Posted by Tom Irvine on Aug 24, 2005

Oh, but I do camp in safe places. Why do you think I avoid cities? Bear country is safe - I've never had any trouble there (except with chipmunks), but you do have to mind how you stow your food.

I've been using dry bags and hanging them at night and that works great, but sometimes, there really are no suitable trees to hang food from (or I'm too lazy to go find one). Hence the move to bear proof canisters.

As for Texas . . . I don't know . . . the south just doesn't have the same mystique as the north country - it seems too civilized or something. Heck, didn't WalMart come from down there?



In Response to: Tom, Better Rethink... by Kurt Maurer on Aug 24, 2005