Re: It's a Great Question

Posted by CLC on Aug 23, 2005

>>>>>>>>Smaller front hatches look cool and are generally easier to make waterproof... but if you can't fit your stuff in 'em, what good are they?


Hatch opening sizes are a great example of not being able to please all the people, all the time. Way back in 1996, the forward hatch on the Chesapeake 17 (later to become the forward hatch shape for virtually every other CLC kayak) was decided upon by determining the minimum size hole through which my MSR solo tent and poles could be levered into the compartment. Beyond that, the designed shape was a question of aesthetics, and smaller holes are less likely to leak.

One of our display model Chesapeake 17's has an aft hatch installed in the front, just to show what you can do. I've seen some customer-built hatches done in abstract shapes just for the fun of it. Part of the appeal of building your own boat is customizing things like hatch openings...

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