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Posted by Nox on Aug 22, 2005

I posted a similar question about a month ago, and I think I even said I'd send you pictures when I got it worked out...Well, I worked it all out and sailed my Pram every day for a week on vacation. I couldn't be happier. When I started I was baffled by the rigging. I think that no matter how simple they try to make the instructions, its hard to anticipate the full lack of understanding of a true novice. Really the rigging IS simple. The mast just sits in the step, the gooseneck just rides on the mast, and the halyard just ties to the yard wherever it balances right. Even in pretty breezey conditions, it all just held right together without complaining even when rigged by a true first timer. If you haven't worked it out yet and want some help (talk about the blind leading the blind)I'd be happy to answer any specific questions about how I did it at least. Sorry, still no digital camera. Nox

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