Re: Outside hull fillets

Posted by Dave on Aug 21, 2005

Hi Kurt -

If the gaps are fairly small, they will be easily filled by the epoxy when you put fiberglass over things. Even if they appear to be a big large, I think the thing to try to determine is if the fiberglass will sag in the gaps when you put it on. If so, fill, if not, don't worry about it.

If you do decide to fill them, I use the epoxy and wood floor - very stiff - and put plastic tape next to the grooves to keep the goop off of the rest of the boat. No reason to cause yourself more hours of sanding. The sanding should takes seconds, not hours. Be very liberal with the tape and minimize the area the goop goes too.

The black lines are from exposing the layers of the plywood. They almost always show up - and will show through the fiberglass. I just go easy on the sanding where they start to be noticable. If you are not pleased with the finished results, you can always paint over the varnish. So, I would keep going as you have a backup if you decide you can't live with the bright finish. Most of what you see is the top, and if people see you when you paddle, they will rarely see the sides.

If you have the video, you can quite easily see the lines in that boat too.

Hope that helps!


In Response to: Outside hull fillets by Kurt Freewald on Aug 21, 2005