Posted by George K on Aug 20, 2005


The only problem I've found with buying all the tools is you just can't build one boat. The second one is easier since you have more tools but you need to get a few more tools to make it a bit easier and even more enjoyable to build. Then the third one beckons you and, again, you need just a few more tools. It just keeps getting easier and CLC runs a sale on kits or you decide to try that stripper. The boat type stripper not the night club type. Wives seem to draw the line at certain types of strippers. Go figure. Anyway, next thing you know you're reading stripper forums (the boat type, of course)and find out there's this tool or that one that, well, you know. You just have to have it! Bottom line, boat building is addictive. Okay, gotta head to the Home Depot tool department.....

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