rough edges

Posted by Hank H on Aug 18, 2005

I am almost done with sanding the shear clamps and I just cleaned out all the dust and bits of wood and realized the the cloth tape on the keel seam inside what will be the cockpit area (as well as several other seams in the fore and aft have rough almost sharp edges. Is there anything I can do about this, maybe get some lining for the inside of the cockpit? Also with this being my first kayak and not so great with the wood working anyone who I could talk to and if anyone in the Charleston, SC area might be able to give some assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Send me an email at and I'll send my phone #. One more thing I am active duty Navy and started this project while on sea duty over 3 years ago. Now that I am on shore duty and have the time to finish I was wondering if my epoxy is still good or should I get new. Thanks