Re: putting Cosmo on top

Posted by Moe on Aug 18, 2005

i had a reasonalbal amont of troules with this stuff there many sullotions

ONE: Fuck them bubbles you don't care about them. Leav 'em alone

TWO: Cut the blister almost of aply epoxy too the deck under and too the underside of the bubble. then speazze it back in place with weights on top or not whaterver suits you

THREE: Do as in TWO only cut the bubbles all the way of

FOUR: Cut slitts or stick holes and show squirt epoxy underneath the bubble in qestion

Five: Cut away the bubbles and fill the hole with epoxy (no glass, works if the spott is small)

SIX: Remove the glass that's of qestionable qality aply a little epoxy (helps hold the new piec in place) then do as karl said and aply a new piec of fiberglass.

SEVEN: Again almost like Karl the last way too solve this problem is: take more than one cold (insert alcholic bevredge here) and forget about the whole thing.

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