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Posted by don on Aug 17, 2005

Gotta love this site- there is always someone with the answer. I hhave heard of the earlier version of the sailrig but never seen it. I can see how the design would require 'advnced' skills.

I DO like the convex deck as well as the attachment (aka to boat) method. The attachmenmt seems like it would be quicker than the later design, as well as allowing for (with some additional modification) transfer of use betwenn boats, as well as varying the wetted surface of the ama's (by lowering or raising the aka attachment point on the boat). This is something I havebeen wrestling with (in my head while I am looking ahead from hull construction)as the plans don't speak of this. It seems that the design calls for the amas to be just in thewater when the boat is flat but some boats (such as my plastic barge) have a high bow and large volume that may end up getting a different...ummm ... I guess profile would be the word. I know that during construction, you can play with this by custom fitting the spacer but wouldn't it be nice (here I go....) if the rig could be used by multiple boats. After all, even if you have multiple boats (as apparently many of thiss group does), you might not want to build a separate sailrig for each one...

Just food for thought. Thanks for the feedback, coments andclarification from all. It's GREAT to have that support in this boat building endeavor (addiction). :)


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