Re: newbie rigging q

Posted by CLC on Aug 16, 2005

>>>>>>>>Does nothing actually hold the mast in the boat? Could not a strong puff of wind just pull the mast and all up up and away?


I've never known an Eastport Pram mast to get out of the step under sail. With any tension on the mainsheet at all, the loads are all down or sideways, not up. We have at least three sailing Eastport Prams here at the shop and none of them has any special mast retention scheme.

The Skerry does, however: the downhaul is knotted through a hole in the seat next to the mast, runs up to the sail, then back down to a cleat on the mast. This both retains the mast and gives you a "purchase" on the downhaul. Such an approach---used widely on boats with unstayed masts---would work well if you're worried about it.

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