Re: Hatch frames for a 17

Posted by raul on Aug 15, 2005

I have already placed the frames without an actual-size reference plan. My plans for the MC 16.5 are pre 1999. My solution: The pictures that appear in the Instructions Book (Pg.173 for small hatch) show the relative distance from the edges of the hatch covers (drawing vertical, center and horizontal lines to guide me). By trial and sight only, I placed the frames for the small hatch while looking at the pictures next to it, and my placement looks exactly as the picture. For the large hatch used image on Pg.168. First located the exact center both, vertically and horizontally which located the CENTER FRAME at exact center of hatch cover. Then the top and bottom frames where MARKED as per the picture taking care that I placed the frames exactly distanced from center frame to top and bottm of hatch cover. When I look at my finished work, it looks exactly as the pictures; therefore I must be very close.

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