Re: surely you mean

Posted by Mike on Aug 14, 2005

Thanks for the information about the thinner and the illustration of your wife's beautifyl varnishing! Unfortunately, I believe I demonstrated what you described, messing up the first layer of varnish with the thinner! The areas containing gummed up varnish dried and I have now sanded the deck smooth again. I will try the mineral spirits to prep for the subsequent coats of varnish.

What kind of brush do you use for the varnish to minimize bubbles?

Any comments about how many coats of pain and how to prepare the surface for the painting beyond the first coats? I'm guessing that the mineral spirits might work for this also?

Is using a paper towel in place of a rag for wiping the boat with mineral spirits a bad idea?

In Response to: surely you mean by Charlie Jones on Aug 14, 2005