surely you mean

Posted by Charlie Jones on Aug 14, 2005

lacquer THINNER, not remover. Either way, don't wipe down the varnish with it. Lacquer thinner will melt the varnish and make a mess. In the shop I sometimes use lacquer thinner as a stripper for varnish on delicate furniture.

Use a good grade of mineral spirits instead, or some use alcohol. I use mineral spirits when I'm varnishing, cause that's what I thin with.

Personally I hate foam brushes- don't even have them in the shop. I DO use cut off pieces of foam rollers inserted into a notched stick to make a brush, but not for varnishing.

We have two brushes we varnish with- they are used solely for that and nothing else, ever.

My wife does most of our varnishing and she's seldom happy with less than 5 or 6 coats. Here's some 45 year old mahogany trim she finished for our 25 footer.

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