Painting and varnishing

Posted by Mike on Aug 14, 2005

A few more questions that have arisen as I try to varnish and paint: 1. Before applying the varnish to my very smoothly sanded deck I wiped with lacquer remover. I applied the varnish with Despite a new clean foam brush. Despite this there were areas of tiny bubbles in the varnish which then required wet sanding right down through the varnish that I had applied. How can I apply varnish while minimizing bubbles? 2. Now that I have one layer of varnish applied and dried should the surface be prepared by wiping it with water? Should lacquer remover be used to clean it before each new layer of varnish is applied? 3. How many layers of varnish should be applied? Six? 4. How many coats of paint should be applied to the sides and bottom of the hull? 5. How should the surface to be painted be prepared before each new paint application? Water or denatured alcohol?