Unfortunately , some

Posted by Charlie Jones on Aug 14, 2005

varnishes don't do well with certain epoxies. They stay sticky. Most epoxy users will tell you to try the varnish someplace inconspicuous to be sure it will work with the particular epoxy.

I varnish in 70% or more humidity all the time- Our humidity is ALWAYS 70% or more. I also varnish in high temps- just thin it a tiny bit more.

One varnish I've NEVER had a problem with (so far) with either WEST or MAS epoxies is Zspar in either 1015 or 2015. I'm now trying RAKA, but haven't varnished over it yet.

You may have to change varnishes if it doesn't cure within another day or so.

In Response to: slow drying varnish by Jim H on Aug 13, 2005