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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 13, 2005

Barb, easy there! Here's whatcha do: a TEST SAMPLE! It's always the very best way to go when in doubt, and the easiest thing to forget. Scare up some scrap for a test bed that halfway resembles what you're out to do, and give 'er yer best shot! Do it two or three times with small areas so you don't waste lots of expensive materials. You will soon have a much better feel for the ordeal ahead.

I enthusiastically advocate using small batches of epoxy when fiberglassing. For me, it is easiest to use one pump of resin, and half-pump of hardener, at a time (assuming 2:1 epoxy). Yeah, you end up stirring more, but the total stress level is greatly reduced.

Please remember that legions of us have gone this way before you, and all our erstwhile terrible hideous results are all out there on the water, being paddled somewhere. And that it's much better to be wary (read: scared) at this point in your life... than not.

Cheers, Kurt

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