Re: Well duh

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 13, 2005

Well, no. I'd have to say you took it further than I ever did. I recommend the doorskin simply because it's cheaper and more flexible, period, and still plenty strong enough for the job. Using okoume could never warp a properly built strip deck out of shape; y' got plenty of other gremlins available to do that job. Keep your hull and deck strapped to the forms whenever you ain't a-workin' on the boat is what you learn to do.

I will add "formers" as "curvature braces" (per routine CLC instrux) to the undersides of my hatch lids whether doing a S&G or stripped deck, for two reasons: first, since I fashion the formers from the installed deck in either case, I get perfect camber match-up. Second, since I have evidently settled on internal bungees as my hold-down of choice, it is a simple matter to incorporate hooks into the braces.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Well duh by RogerJ on Aug 12, 2005