Re: Sail for the MC 16.5

Posted by CLC on Aug 9, 2005

Hey, that's neat, Kirk. And a good fit as the Mill Creek 16.5 was directly inspired by the Klepper double.

>>>>>>>>>>> Also on this windy day, I noticed that the leeboard made a line of bubbles under water. Was this some sort of cavitation?


Probably the leeboard was stalling. Air was being drawn down the leeward side of the board and exiting in a vortex off the tip of the board. It'll happen on any surface-piercing foil that's being driven through the water at a high angle of attack.

Solutions include raking the board aft a bit to create a lower-aspect foil. Keeping boatspeed up as much as possible (by not trying to point too high, among other things) will also help to keep the flow attached the leeboard.

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