Sail for the MC 16.5

Posted by KirkE on Aug 9, 2005

Here is my sailing contraption.

It is a sliding gunther rig which is what Klepper uses or used for their tandom. I got it many years ago and the mast and spars are wood, and the sails are cotton. It includes a working jib and a mainsail for a total of 55 sq ft.

I used the CLC leeboard and bracket. The Kleeper leeboards are paired and smaller in depth. I perfer to use only one leeboard for I would rather not fiddle with dropping and lifting each one during each tack (a manuveur my brother thought would be best to reduce drag).

The photo is from the second day out and the wind was just about nill. I still was able to capture some of it to push me along a painstakingly slow pace. I was able to sail on all points, though, just as the windy day before.

The first day, I had much better winds, but no camera. I heeled some, but not excessive. My speed was faster than my companions who were paddling, and I was able to run circles around them.

Also on this windy day, I noticed that the leeboard made a line of bubbles under water. Was this some sort of cavitation?

As another experiment, I pulled up the leeboard, to reduce drag, on a broad reach. It seemed like the hard chine in the hull acted like a keel, for I was able to hold a line. The boat heeled a good amount, enough to wash the side decks some. It was still rock hard, and I didn't think I was leaning out to compensate.

This photo also shows that with only one paddler sailing, the bow is light and out of the water. I tried adding some water ballast, but not enough.