Another thankyou...

Posted by KirkE on Aug 8, 2005

Can I state a thank you, for I am so sore... not sure if the soreness is paddling or carring the kayak to the water and back so many times?

Last year I didn't do that much paddling, now, with the varnish still drying, I have racked some more hours and trips in the MillCreek 16.5.

Next up was a trip to Assateague Island. I didn't camp out this time but I paddled/sailed solo. I tried adding some water in old water bottles in the forward hatch to compensate for the missing paddler.

My speciality: waking up at 5:30a and carting the boat to the lagoon, and paddling before most motor boats and jet skis hit the water. The water is like glass and the scene gives a sense of solitude. The threat of impending T-storms put more of a melancholic mood to the photos:

I tried to get some photos of the ponys but my camera wasn't up for it.

More to come, for I tested my sailing contraption. Soon, I'll have some photos of that.

Kirk E