Re: Centering the bubble.

Posted by Pete Roszyk on Jul 28, 2005

Hi there, Tony,

My guess from using them for many years is that a spirit level will not be as accurate as aligning two sticks to each other.

The shorter levels are not as accurate as longer ones. In your case, I'd want at least a 24" long unit. If you can move the boat 1/16" with yours without exactly seeing how far the bubble moves, then I wouldn't use that method.

But if you have that long a level, then you only need ONE straight stick long enough to cross the hull, as you could use the level as the other stick. Broom handles are often straight enough, as will be anything else that is actually straight and can be laid across the sheer.

The sticks, in fact, should be parallel to each other no matter where each is set on the sheer, that is, not just at those specific spots mentioned in the manual.

Good luck,


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