Re: copy right

Posted by CLC on Jul 26, 2005

These tiny offshore operations pop up, sell some small stolen items quick, and then disappear about as quickly as we can move in our battalion of lawyers. They usually sell less than a few thousand dollars of stolen property before changing names or going offline. This is too little for states' attourneys general to be bothered with, something these operators know very well. It's a question of how much ordnance you want to detonate, since, like cockroaches, they'll regroup and reappear.

This particular mob's modus operandi is to offer only designs that have been published in magazines, thinking incorrectly that since the material has been published, it's now "in the public domain." That's like saying that since a piece of music has been published, you can copy it and sell it as you wish. Guitar Magazine is always publishing Lennon-McCartney tunes; I think I'll scan a few onto a CD-ROM and sell them on eBay....

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