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Posted by Ed on Jul 26, 2005

Remember that if you don't wait too long you can always sand a bit and re varnish, epoxy. The way I see it the most important thing is to get out on the water, not if the boat looks like it was just preped for a boat show. I've got two years of scratches on the bottom, sides and sheer of by kayak because i just love to poke through those rocky gaps between islands and in marshes. Maybe this winter I'll get around to sanding and revarnishing, or maybe I'l build another kayak.

Re rub rails. If I were adding anything I would try to remember that the thing that most often gets rubbed on the sheer of my kayak is my fingers. Something soft and slippery would be nice.

To paraphrase, a bad day in a kayak is better than a good day of almost anything else. Happy paddling.

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