Gold Medal

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jul 26, 2005

Hee! Hee! There's a story about how a home built job beat out two fine factory made TK1'ers. I'll do a write up about it later on today. For the meantime, enjoy the images. I was pleasantly surprised at winning gold instead of the expected bronze. Heck, I even chose to use my wooden Grey Owl Sirrocco euro paddle instead of my spanking new wing paddle. Odds were I should have lost it all. I used my technical knowledge of river paddling to keep the lead paddler in my sights. I even held two K1 paddlers at bay until I almost tipped and had to slow down but hanging in with them kept the first place TK1 paddler in my sights until he made his fatal error. He... (stay tuned)

Robert (I wo)N(the TK1 Men's marathon event) Pruden

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