Re: Idea for Hatch Bldng

Posted by Paul on Jul 25, 2005


I finished a SK 94 in March and had to do what your describing.

My problem was that my hatch had to be located where the curved deck joined the almost flat front section.

I just cut an oversized piece of 3mm ply,I then wetout one layer of 5oz carbon fiber on the underside,covered it with peel ply,then 3 or 4 layers of cling wrap to stop it sticking to the deck. As this was to be the bottom ,I inverted it and layed it on the deck while I wet out 1 layer of 4oz glass on the top then peel ply ,then glad wrap and then a second piece of 3mm ply to spread the pressure evenly. I then just bent the whole thing down till it was in full contact wiyh the deck and held it in place with straps and duct tape. Next morning removed it stripped off the peelply etc and perfecto,exactly the same shape as the deck ,no springback at all. Cut the hatch cover to shape and away you go.

Hope this helps


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