Idea for Hatch Bldng

Posted by Monterey Matt on Jul 24, 2005

I got this idea from thinking about how the hatches are shaped on the Chesapeake 17 model.

If the problem is shaping the hatches just so...why not this as an alternate construction technique.

Put a layer of waxed paper over the hatch rim.

Saturate the _underside_ of the hatch with clear epoxy.

Put the hatch on, and use straps to tighten the hatch to shape over the opening (exactly the way the deck was held in place during construction of the deck).

Let it dry; release the straps; remove the hatches.

Sand off the stuck waxed paper and clean up the underside. Now sand or plane down the hatch frames to fit the curve of the hatch, and proceed "normally", clamping the frames to the hatch with cabosil mix and then completing the clear epoxy layers.

Too late for my 'yak, but whaddya think about this as a way of getting the hatches to conform to the actual camber of the deck...?