Re: More advice needed

Posted by Jeff w on Jul 24, 2005

Pygmy boats get an extra layer of glass tape epoxied onto the keel--you'll sand the edges of the tape to feather it into the hull. My boats also suffer glancing blows at the sheer where I stab my paddle into the water--sometimes the paddle hits the deck far from the sheer. I use fine sandpaper to remove the black marks left by the paddle and spray with clear enamel or marine varnish I buy from Ace Hdwe--both available in a spray can.

On one boat I painted the hull white with a 1" wrap onto the deck. The sheer has suffered multiple strikes and paint has chipped off, showing the unfinished epoxied wood below. I can't totally avoid whacking the sheer with the paddle, but I have tuned my paddle stroke so that the blade hits the water first with much greater frequency--it has actually helped move the boat faster in kayak races. I have also seen many racers put a strip of tape down just for the race, removing it afterwards. A beautiful finish always warrants a little care.

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