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Posted by Tony Robb on Jul 24, 2005

Thanks for all your input guys. I decided to move the bulkhead back 3 inches (man it's hard getting used to feet and inches when you've grown up on centimetres & metres), not huge, but felt I should err on the side of caution . I had already cut an oversized forward bulkhead and trimmed it with a block plane until it fit where I wanted it. As far as the radius on the top, I've left it a little oversize and will trace a new radius with the same template used for calculating sheer clamp angles.

I'm not terribly concerned about resale as I intend keeping it for quite some time and there doesn't seem to be much of a secondhand market over here for these type of kayaks.

I tabbed the keel today to sort out some bumps and hollows and will probably do all the filleting next weekend. In the meantime I'll continue cutting out coaming spacers etc each evening.

Thanks again, I'll be back.


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