Moving bulkheads, from a

Posted by Tony Robb on Jul 23, 2005

Have been following the posts on this forum for several months now and I'm very impressed with the level of support posters show other builders. I have started building a CLC 18LT and will soon be working on a 17LT for my girlfriend, this is my first attempt at kayak building. I'm working from plans, as it would have been too expensive to ship kits to New Zealand.

I have just completed the stitching stage of the 18LT and placed the bulkheads. I have read elsewhere that it can be advantageous to move the forward bulkhead back towards the stern, provided enough leg room is left, so that in the instance where a capsize occurs there is less water in the cockpit. The other obvious advantage would be increased forward storage and flotation. How much tolerance is there to moving the bulkheads without having to add any additional deckbeams? I will be using 6oz cloth on the deck, as I couldn't source 4oz locally.

Cheers Tony